No Warranties: As Quk Ads Business Community provides free will services to promote each other’s business and to see everyone growing. Quk Ads is not responsible for any kind of loss because of the transaction between the Quk Ads Community Members.

Limitations of Liability: If a Quk Ads Member refers a Customer to another Quk Ads member and he ⁄ she does not get any referral income after the lead getting converted also then Quk Ads will try to give the possilbe support to the Referrer and try their level best to see that he ⁄ she (the referrer is getting the Commission money) or else the lead received person’s ID ⁄ Membership will be terminated.

In case the Quk Ads members do the deal without proper online form fill up formalities while referring any member - Quk Ads will not take any sort of responsibility for the same.

For any further details, please email us at [email protected].