Once Customer takes Quk Ads Membership for an Year - He / She can avail all the services of the Quk Ads Community.

Terms & Conditions:-

How to become a QUKADS Community Member (QCM):

  • Registration amount is of Rs. 1,000/- (USD $15) per year only.
  • You should have a Business (Any Business which is legally approved by regristrant Country’s Government).
  • You should upload your Identity Card soft copy online (which has Photo and Address).
  • You should Upload your passport size photo soft copy online.
  • You should check the Terms & Conditions Agree box, confirming your willingness to be a QCM.
  • You will also get an Online Receipt in the form of Payment Confirmation E-mail.
  • QCM can register only one business per ID.
  • For any additional business registration, QCM should register again for the specific buisness.
  • If you are below an age of 18 Years and are into business and also want to become a QCM - In that case you should send an E-mail providing your Parents ID details and a soft copy of an approval stating they are willing you to be a part of QCM.


Payment Details:

  • Quk Ads comes under Online Marketing Services Company.
  • Please pay your Registration amount on below given Account Number.
    • Account Number : 1018102000007559
    • Account Type : Current Account
    • Bank Name : IDBI Bank
    • IFSC Code : IBKL0001018
    • MIRC Code : 530259004
  • Payment Mode : Cash Deposit / Online Payment / Cheque  or can pay Directly at the Main Branch Office in Visakhapatnam.


How this QUKADS Works:

  • Once registered as a QCM – You can see your page Details in the website
  • You need to specify how much Referral commission you can give to your Referrer.
  • Either you can keep a RANGE of Commission Percentage % (For Example: 03% - 10%) or you can keep a FIXED Commission Percentage % (For Example: 5%).
  • Similarly others will also keep the same Business Referral Commission percentage – If somebody referrers a Customer to them for their business and if and only IF the Reference gets converted into Business.
  • If you can’t give Referral Commision or Discount, you can mention that also in your Page.
  • Quk Ads Community Membership is a Willful Joining of any Business Person. Quk Ads NEVER EVER force or provide wrong information to any Customer to make them to Join its Community.
  • Once Customer takes Quk Ads Membership for an Year - He / She can avail all the services of the Quk Ads Community.
  • The Membership Amount will not be refunded If they don’t want to continue their respective Membership.
  • Quk Ads will support their Community Members to grow in their business by educating their Members to support each other.
  • Quk Ads is not at all responsible for any kind of Business or its growth.
  • Quk Ads Members should search their right business colabration parties and can intract with them directly.
  • The QUKADS website is very much User Friendly.
  • Upon the registration the QC Team will guide you through the manuals of how to use the website and its features.
  • All the Referrals and Commission transaction would be transparent to everyone and also would be displayed the same in the website.
    • Quk Ads is NOT AT ALL RESPONSIBLE for any Non-payment of Referral Commision, fasle promitions, profit / loss of a Company or any Business deals between any registrants.


Termination of Services:

  • If any Quk Ads Member complains about the Services provided by the Registrants, Membership will be terminated if found guilty post investigation.
  • If QCM’s Provided details seems to be not correct legally - In that case also Quk Ads services will be TERMINATED immediately.


Legal Action:

  • If any QCM / Business Listed Parties will go against the Terms & Conditions of the Company - Quk Ads (ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES) Company can go legally and will file a case with a fine of Minimum of Rs. 1,00,00,000 (USD $150,000) and for some scenarios more than above for spoiling Company’s Brand.


For any further information or queries, please send us an email to [email protected].